WordPress 2.5 Released

This must be the most blogged about topic in the blogging world right now, even the top blog sites are posting about it although perhaps not very detailed yet. Considering that a lot of people are using WordPress as the basis of their blog, this is not a very surprising thing. I myself use WordPress for building my blog and so far I have to say that I am very satisfied with it. Besides allowing people who have nothing or minimal knowledge in web building to have a very professional blog, it is also easy enough to install.

If you want to build your own blog, WordPress is quite frankly the best choice for you, because most hosting companies now provide the tool to build WordPress with just a couple of mouse clicks. What makes WordPress so great is the ability to switch to Custom Themes on the fly and adding 3rd party software (called widgets) that you like, but more on this later.

This afternoon I have just successfully upgraded my WordPress version from 2.3 to 2.5. If your blog also use WordPress and you want to upgrade to WordPress version 2.5, you can download it from WordPress Download page. Since this is actually my first time upgrading a WordPress installation, I did so while following the instructions on WordPress Codex on how to Upgrade WordPress (extended explanation).

The new layout is nice, but needed a little time getting used to, especially if you are used to the old menu layout. I guess it will take me some time to try the new stuff that is supposed to be there. I’ll let you know later on when I have use the new version long enough to review it fairly.

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    April 4th, 2008 04:00

    I am actually thinking of switching to something different then blogger. Do you know if I can transfer a blog that is currently on google blogger to wordpress, or how hard it will be. You have seen one of my blogs http://www.illiteratepoet.com and I am happy with it for now, but I want to do something different with the one linked to this post. It just seems hard to make a good looking blog with blogger.

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    Gio Suryo
    April 4th, 2008 23:16

    Hi, Blake! Nice of you to drop by. If you see my archives, then you must notice the year gap (2005 – 2008) in my posting, and it is because I imported my earlier posts from a blogger account. It is actually very easy to import your posts from blogger (or several other free blog service) to WordPress because they have a built in menu for it. You know, you just gave me an idea for a new post. I’ll make a new post about it right away. See you around!

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