Wide Awake

Here I am, still awake watching the football game between Chile and Spain, feeling neither tired or sleepy. I know it was just some kind of illusion because the moment I lay my head on my pillow, I’ll fall asleep before I have the chance to count to ten. So why am I still forcing myself to be awake?

I guess I was a little confused as of late, and I really need to clear my head over a thing or two. I have rarely entered contemplating mode for a while, so I am still trying to come to terms with it. Sooner or later though, I have to sleep or else I might get tired later in the day.

I haven’t exercise as much as I wanted to, this week. I admit I was feeling a bit lazy. Perhaps I’ll add more repetitions to my routine to compensate for this week. I am glad that I don’t really have any allergies, though even if I do have one, I can easily find allergy relief nowadays.

Oh, well, I better go and get some rest now, before I fall asleep in the front of my computer. See you all later then!

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