When Brooke Left – American Idol Top 5 Results

Brooke White Looking SourWell, these last few days have been quite busy for me. Finding quality time to do some update is getting hard lately. That and also the fact that I lost focus these last couple of weeks. I think a little extra time is mandatory right now if I still want to post regularly.

Anyway, just for a quick follow up on American Idol Top 5 Results last week. Brooke White got the lowest number of votes, and that meant that she’s going home. At this point, all the contestants that is still in the competition have got their own fan base now. So it is not very surprising to read on the American Idol website that there are still people who think that Brooke shouldn’t be the one who went home last week.

To be fairly honest, in my opinion she actually deserved to go home because compared to Jason and Syesha, she didn’t raise the bar enough. Meaning that Syesha and Jason’s performance graphic is better than Brooke, whose performance graph is declining for the last couple of week. If it is up to me, I say that Jason is the one who should be going home next.

The two David’s performances are good but in my opinion David Cook is the better singer last week. If things stand as they are, I feel that they are going to be the final two contestants. Of course this is American Idol we’re talking about, and it is known to pull surprises on the audience.

Last week’s show sparked a little controversy regarding Paula Abdul when she mistakenly judged Jason Castro on both his first and second performances while Jason and the other contestants have only sing their first song. Later on she claimed that she had heard Jason singing his second song during the dress rehearsals.

Tomorrow morning is the live result show here in Indonesia, but since I’ll be working during the day, I guess I’ll just settle for the reruns as usual. I’ll try to make another post after that, but to tell the truth, I got other things going on in my mind as of late, so no promise there.

By the way, I found a blog about American Idol by Justin Guarini earlier tonight. Justin is the runner-up of the American Idol first season, and in his blog he writes his opinion about American Idol Season 7. You can also read Justin’s last post of Neil Diamond week here. What could possibly be better than reading an American Idol writing about American Idol? None that I know of. Have fun reading his writing about American Idol, I know I do! See you all later!

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