What a Holiday!

Right now I’m in the middle of my most relaxed vacation yet. It all started when I was transferred to another team at my workplace, which mainly handles my office’s networks and stuffs like that, which I remember writing about sometime ago.

I remember that, when I was still handling customer’s complaints, it was usual to have the office called at the middle of the night, and it was my job to pickup the phone and help solve whatever problem that our customer is experiencing.

It is also common to be called during the weekend, and even on holiday. Even on holiday, I have to keep my cell phone near me all the time. I was tense almost all the time it feels like my nerves was gripped by many industrial clamps.

Thankfully it was all behind me now, and so I can spend my holiday more relaxed than ever. Well, that’s not counting the wife though, anyway see you around!

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