We Are What We Eat

My sister and I got into a little discussion this afternoon, when we stopped by a certain mall to get something cold to drink and something to eat. We both like to work out and we usually are quite picky over what we eat most of the time. So eating junk food and drinking sodas or iced lattes with whipped cream is usually last on our list.

We got into this little conversation about how we must do an extra exercise routine just to burn off those calories. Anyway she said to me that she read or heard somewhere about how people tend to wear the very best they can afford to make them look good but they didn’t care much about what they eat, even eating junk food which actually don’t do any good to them.

Well, eating and dressing up is two very different experiences. They are also very personal, so I guess different people have different preferences also. Some people care more about how they look, some people care more about how they feel.

Nevertheless, we should always be careful of what we eat. Stomach ache or food poisoning is not very strange here. People from abroad must be very careful of what they eat in Jakarta. If they’re not careful they might end up in hospital. They might also need to have a colon cleanse treatment later.

Anyway, you can’t always be too careful though; that would take the fun out of life, although some people would argue. Oh, well it is getting very late so I better go and get some sleep. See you all later then!

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