Until We Meet Again!

Life is one giant roller coaster ride that never actually ends. It turns, it bends, it goes up and it goes down, again and again. It might not be the best of metaphors to actually describe what life is, but for now it will do. Enough talking about life, now let’s talk about football instead?

Living in a football crazed country such as Indonesia sure has its privileges, and one of them is the ability to watch ALL the matches LIVE and for FREE. Although our national football team hasn’t had the ability to compete in a world stage for a long time, we still love football nonetheless.

That said, I just watched the match between England and Germany which ended 4 to 1 for Germany. I was rooting for England and I was a little bit furious when the referee disallowed the goal made by Lampard. But seeing the final score, it wouldn’t have mattered even if the goal was counted.

Oh well, better luck next time, England. But Germany played better than you did. It was a fact. Oh well, the match between Argentina and Mexico is going to start soon. I better get ready! See you later!

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