Trying To Lose Weight?

That is certainly an elusive and not-so-easy to answer question. Why are you trying to lose weight? I prefer if people answered that they are trying to lead a more active and healthy life. For me healthy life means eating responsibly and working out regularly. That way, losing weight is considered a bonus which is guaranteed to come. Just how much you are going to lose depends on many factors.

I have tried losing weight before, and I succeeded in losing around 22 lbs. I am not much overweight so losing 22 lbs put me in my healthy BMI range already. I have to admit that much of that little extra weight comes because I stopped exercising regularly and started eating irresponsibly when I started working behind a desk.

Now I can wear clothes that fit when I am still in the university. I know many people would do anything to be able to lose weight so they can return to their younger days’ weight, or even more. Perhaps the ladies want to wear that lovely corsets or something more revealing without risking a dip in their confidence level. Or the guys want to be able to go to the pool or beach side without their beer belly getting on the way.

Of course there are people who have learned to love and accept themselves the way they are, but if you can make yourself more lovable and acceptable by being healthier, why not? Just a thought for today, being healthier is what matters most. The other is just icing on the top of the cake.

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