Traveling Revisited

If you read my last post, then you should know what I am writing about. I just can’t get rid of traveling from my mind, so I decided to browse and look around before I go to sleep. It was a kind of strange, I have to admit. Ranting about stuffs like these is definitely not my forte.

Anyway, it was probably because I just got back from a vacation with family and close relatives. It was not very far, only around a couple hundred of kilometers away from Jakarta. It was an enjoyable vacation nonetheless; just perfect to spend the long weekend. I was sad that it was over now.

Only the fatigue remains, oh and the memories also. Too bad I didn’t really have the chance to take a lot of pictures. I didn’t really have trouble bringing home snacks and souvenirs because I drove myself there. It would be another matter if I have to take a plane since I have a limit to how much I can bring aboard the plane.

Having a good traveling bag is a plus, and having a bag such as BCBG Max Azria might help too. Oh well perhaps we’ll just see the next time I got the chance to travel again. For now it is getting late and I really need to rest, so be seeing you around!

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