Traffic Jam Free

Traffic Jam Free on a Monday morning? You’ve got to be kidding me! Well, since I take a day off, I did not go to the office today, so practically I didn’t experience any traffic jam this morning. I wish it can always be like this everyday but of course you can’t always get what you want. Most of the time you have to make do with what you can actually get.

I still enjoyed my traffic jam-free morning though. I don’t have to cope with the stress that comes with wading through the crazy motorcyclists and selfish drivers laden streets this morning. I think it is a worthy enough cause for a celebration. YAY!! Oh well, a good pat in the back is all I got, doesn’t really matter.

The one thing that I won’t miss is the exhaust fumes and smog. I won’t have to worry of getting my face dirty and catching acne or zits along the way. Although even if I do there are tons of acne products that can alleviate my worries. Oh well, better go and do something more productive, like a mid morning nap for example. Off we go!

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