Thinking About Old Times

I never actually consider myself as a thinker, but I do like to ponder about things once in a while. I remember that when I was so caught up in thinking about things some people said that I spaced out. It was not spaced out actually because I believe that in order to space out, your mind should be blank and not think about anything.

Anyway, I was recently thinking about my school days, especially the one when I was still studying in university. I remember having this dream that I was going to stay in school forever and never graduate at all. It was quite a scary dream alright; it seems so real it is almost believable. Thank God that it wasn’t the case.

I remember that feeling of relief that I got during graduation day. This is it; finally I can go to a higher stage, which was what in my mind at that moment. I found out after that that life’s hard but I try to persevere. Perhaps someday when I graduated from life I can think the same thing, which finally it’s over and I will be able to move to another higher stage.

Of course I won’t really know what stage await me there until I experienced it myself, but I know I won’t be handing out any graduation invitations. Well, enough thinking for now, it is late already and I need to go and get some rest. See you all later then!

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