They Keep On Coming

I don’t usually get irritated much by those sales people whose doing telemarketing, I mean they also need to work so they can earn a living. There were times when the calls just poured in. I once get called for a several times during a week, each one offering a different product and representing different company.

I have to give them credit, because most of the time, they are quite relentless in their offer. Obviously they are hoping of making a sale, because they will get bonuses from every sale that they made. Although some of the times they don’t know when to call it quits, and that irritates me.

They might have the same goal of making sales, but let’s face it, some have finesse and some just didn’t. Perhaps it is because of the way they are trained, or it could be because their character and attitude. In my opinion, the companies they represent also play a major role in their sales making percentage.

It is easier to sell something if the company whose product they offered is a bona fide and well-know company. I usually would be willing to hear more of their offer if the companies they are representing have a good reputation, regardless of the product.

Some of them need to get more training though, or even try and to do more sales job search, in order to find a better company. On the other hand, those companies with good reputation must be more thorough and demanding. So it might not be that easy to get hired by them.

Anyway, I don’t really know much about selling in a general, but I just can’t help but feel irritated by them especially if the workload is high. Usually I am willing to hear their offer, but as of now, I wish they won’t call anytime soon. Oh, well you can’t be that lucky I guess, can you?

It’s almost dawn; I better go and get some rest. See you all later!

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