The Side Effect of Pollution

I have been using a motorcycle to get to my destination for more than 12 years. I rarely goes by public transport anymore unless I really have to. Even in the weekend, I rarely drive my car around unless I can’t reasonably reach my destination either because of bad weather or because the distance was just too far away.

Of course it would be a different matter if I went with my family, but most of the time my motorcycle is my preferred mean of transportation throughout Jakarta. There are several things though, that makes riding a motorcycle a nuisance, such as extreme weather, the traffic and also the pollution.

The pollution is quite bad here, especially during the morning and evening rush hour, although based on my experience, the evening rush hour is the worst. I recalled being almost unable to breathe and my lungs feels like it was on fire because there is almost no oxygen left to breathe.

The air was so saturated with the vapors coming from the many vehicles. Mostly I don’t like the ones coming out from the cars and buses that uses diesel engine because they smelled and looked horrible. I tried not to stop at their rear because of that reason.

I can’t help but think about the negative effect of the pollution in our health in general and mine in particular. I tried to get a good workout whenever I got the chance and I also make it a priority to wash my hands and face after riding my motorcycle through the traffic and pollution.

I remembered that I used to have acnes because I don’t wash my hands and face. So you could say that washing your hands and face regularly can be considered as a natural acne treatment. Or you could say that it was more like natural acne prevention instead of treatment.

I really wish that the traffic and pollution can be lessened somehow, but whenever I read about how much the volume of motorcycles and cars’ sales increased here I feel like it was somewhat impossible. Perhaps someday then, perhaps someday…

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