The Rain Effect on the Lighting

Although it is mid march already, the effect of the raining season still hangs around in my home, literally. Actually they hang around on my ceiling. Bit strange you might think, but what I am talking about is the light bulbs that provides me with, light of course.

What’s up with the bulbs? Apparently, being the old building that it is, the roofing is beginning to show its age. Water managed to seep through to the light fixture on the terrace, which makes it unusable for the time being. At least until I can persuade myself to check on it.

At the very least the bulbs itself is still usable, although the one on the dining room could benefit from a replacement light bulbs. I guess I’ll find another fluorescent light bulbs from the local chain store to replace it . I wish we have an online store for lighting stuff around just like this light bulbs e-store.

Oh well, I better go get some sleep for now. It feels really nice to be back blogging again, but I still need my sleep. So, nighty nite guys! See y’all later!

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