The Past Revisited

Back in my early junior high days, I joined my school Table Tennis club. I was not very good back then, but I love the sport nonetheless. I remember my first bat was a pre-made Stiga bat. I am not quite sure if it was a real Stiga bat, but I am still quite proud about it.

I didn’t have the chance to play for long then. Perhaps I only get to play for a year or two. I never played table tennis again after that until I learned that my office provided the employees with three table tennis table to play with. So, after almost 20 years, I get to play table tennis again.

It was then I realized that there are such things as a custom made table tennis bat. It was in the afternoon after work that I got to play with several of my co-workers when suddenly one of them lends me his bat. I was amazed; it was so much different than the pre-made bats that I played with before.

The feel was different and so is the speed and the amount of spin it created. After that I decided that I want to have my own custom bat too. So I begin my journey down the road of no return (sorry, I can’t help it). I learned that some of my friends, including the one who lend his bat to me, spend around USD100 for their bat. I don’t want to spend that much of money on something I am still not sure of.

I begin to explore my options, and I asked my helpful friend Google in helping me find a good custom made bat that is more affordable for me. I learned that there are good table tennis blades (the bat without the rubbers attached) made by Chinese manufacturers that cost less than their more well-known counterparts.

I found an alternative made by LKT. I asked around and one of my coworker told me that there are several table tennis store around Jakarta that sells Chinese made blades and rubbers. After much browsing I finally made up my mind and went to buy my first custom made table tennis blade.

So my first custom made tennis bat is LKT Instinct+ for the blade, LKT Black Power for the forehand rubber and LKT Red Diamond for the backhand rubber. It costs around USD 35 in total. Ever since I got my first custom made bat, I was hooked with table tennis. I never knew that playing table tennis can be so much fun!

I will be posting about my experience in playing table tennis more regularly now. See you later then!

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