The Need to Learn

I have to admit that there are things that I would like to be able to do again. Given the chance, I would like to do it better. One of those things is study. I am not that good of a student and that is one of the things that I regret until now. I wish I could do it again because I know I should have done it better.

Not everyone is given a second chance in their lives. The chance to study again is definitely one I would consider especially since there are better ways to study. For people with limited time and financial resources, being able to choose a way to study that is more flexible is preferable.

That is why having an institution that offers online degree, such as the Western Governors Online University, could be considered a blessing. They are offering respected online degree, flexible online study and also lower tuition because WGU is a non-profit online university.

I always wanted to be a teacher, and seeing that WGU also offer online teaching degree makes me want to actually become one. Too bad they are accepting applications only from individuals living in the USA and select geographical locations of Canada. Well, perhaps someday they will be able to accept applications from overseas. That will surely make my day.

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