The Importance of Insurance

Last night when I was on my routine weekly choir rehearsal I heard sad news. It seems that the choir former member’s husband has passed away. They were married for two years and this news kinda caught me off guard. As it happened her husband is only 28 years old.

28 years old! That was still very young, well he was younger than me for sure. It seems that he died because of Angina, although I’m not a hundred percent sure because I only heard what the other choir members said. And what makes me sadder is the fact that he left a wife and a child which is only 1 year old.

I have children myself so I can imagine, although barely, how his wife must’ve felt. It is not easy to raise a child on your own, and it is also not going to be easy for the child too. At least that’s how I felt because my father passed away when I’m still quite young myself.

It is things like this that made me realize how important a good insurance can be. So while you still have a chance, try to find yourself good life insurance quotes from a good insurance company in your area. You’ll be grateful you did. Anyway, see you later!

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