The Forbidden Kingdom Movie

Jet Li and Jackie Chan dishing it out.Being a longtime martial artist myself, I am sure you can already guess who my favorite martial arts movie stars are. Jet Li and Jackie Chan are one of my favorite martial arts movie stars, and you can also imagine how happy I am when I first heard that they are going to make a movie together and an action movie nonetheless!

Of course I won’t object if they want to make a drama movie together sometime in the future. Although I’m sure that they can actually play a drama movie together, most of their fan probably won’t be very happy. Jet and Jackie are already considered today’s most favorite martial arts movie star, and doing a different movie altogether won’t be as successful in my opinion.

Back to the movie. It was very good in my opinion and beside the obvious main stars, the other star are well cast. You just can’t find a better person to play the antagonist in martial arts movie than Collin Chou. I also love him in the Matrix when he played as the Seraph. He has played with Jet Li several times now.

Li Bing Bing or Liu Yi Fei, which one will you choose?And Li Bing Bing is just beautifully cold as the White Haired Demoness, while Liu Yi Fei also fits the role of Golden Sparrow. But I have to admit I like her better as the ‘past’ Golden Sparrow rather than the ‘present’, she just looks too modern for me and her clothing, makeup and hairdo just doesn’t fit the last scene.

As for the movie plot itself, I think making a story based on the famous ‘Journey to the West’ is very clever. It’s hard for me to imagine another story where they could easily put Jet and Jackie together in a scene, unless it is where they are fighting one another.

Oh that reminds me that I love the scene on the abandoned temple where Jet and Jackie fought one another. Although it is nicely choreographed by Woo Ping-Yuen, both Jet and Jackie certainly have the right chemistry. I can see them holding their punches several times though, but I don’t really think making a fight scene where they are using all their skill is really possible. I love the Drunken Fist versus Praying Mantis part, I think it is the best fight scene in the movie.

The Forbidden Kingdom is indeed an entertaining movie, and if you are only a slightly martial arts movie fan, you will be entertained for sure, although if you are expecting to see Jet and Jackie dishing it out as best as they can, you will be somewhat disappointed. Just hope there are more J and J projects in the future. Keep your fingers crossed and see ya later!

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