The Effect of Not Working Out

It has been a while since I last do any workout, and I am paying the price even as I typed these words. I lack more energy, both physically and mentally. I got exhausted more easily, where before I can do physical activities that require physical fitness and stamina with ease. To sum it up, I feel less healthy than before, when I still exercise regularly at least two or three times a week.

It has been a personal flaw of mine that I tend to procrastinate. I always said that there will always be tomorrow almost everytime I am thinking of doing something that I don’t really want. Will there always be tomorrow? We know very well that someday, tomorrow won’t come for us. That is bound to happen, sooner or later.

I found out long ago that if I haven’t started doing something, the hardest thing to do is getting started. When I already started doing something, it is considerably easier to keep doing it. Having someone who encourage me also have the same effect, whether intentionally or unintentionally. I just have to keep doing it because if I stopped doing it for a period of time, I might end up stopping for a long time before I can muster the will to start doing it again.

I find out that working out regularly is an essential part of a weight loss diet. Diet here means that I have to balance the nutritions that I take daily when also eating slightly less calories than what my body needed while on its Resting Metabolic Rate. So you can guess that since I don’t do any workout, my weight is bound to increase a bit.

Thankfully I don’t each as much as I used to do. Right now I need to start doing my routine exercise again, even if only to get healthy and not to actually lose any weight since I am already on my ideal weight right now. I will keep you posted on this later, see ya!

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