The Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Gaming Mouse

I’ve been playing a lot of games since I was still in school, from the likes of King’s Quest up to World of Warcraft. It is actually hard to categorize my interest in gaming as my preference is quite broad. But RPGs are my number one favorite, although I also enjoyed FPS games once in a while.

That said, I feel like I wanted to step up my gaming session a little bit. The obvious way would be by upgrading my PC, but since it would cost more than I could afford now I decided that I want to buy a mouse instead. *Laugh* A friend of mine who owns a Computer Store laughed at me and said that I better save the money rather than spending it on some expensive mouse.

Actually, I have to admit that I kind of agree with him, but since money is still an issue for me, I began searching the internet for a gaming mouse that is not too expensive, or better yet an expensive mouse that is on sale! I was determined to find the best buy that I can get for a gaming mouse.

At found out that if I buy a gaming mouse from a store here in Indonesia, it is bound to be priced around US$50. So I tried searching the internet for a good gaming mouse that is on sale. After searching for a while, I found the mouse that I was looking for, the Creative Fatal1ty 2020 Gaming Mouse.

I found it on sale on Creative’s website. I already ordered one and I will be posting my impressions about it when it arrived. As of now I will have to be content just seeing the picture of it from the website. Oh well, I hope it is going to worth every cents. Anyway, see you all later!

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