The Courage to Live

I was reminded earlier that in this life it is important to have courage..

The courage to stand up for yourself..
The courage to admit that you are not always right..
The courage to accept yourself for what you are..
The courage to keep on living no matter how hard it can be sometimes..

There are times when I feel afraid of life..
Especially when it feels like everyone or everything is against you..
When you feel powerless to change how things happened around you..
When you are awake, alone.. And darkness are all you can see..
When you feel as if life’s trial and tribulations are making you numb,
But in reality it only makes you realize how vulnerable you are..

In the end, I have to muster the courage to admit that life is not easy,
It can be cruel and hard at times, but it can also be sweet and rewarding..

To finally come to the conclusion that no matter what life brought to us,
When you have the courage to face them all..

Life.. Is beautiful..

-Jakarta 19 Maret 2011

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