The Biggest Loser – Season 4

I enjoyed watching the Biggest Loser season 4, although season 2 is still my favorite so far. Season 3 is also quite good, better than season 4 in my opinion. It was rather spoiled by the news that Eric Chopin, the season 3 winner has regained much of his weight, and he weighs more than 300 lbs now.

I sincerely wish that he manage to shed that weight again, although based on what I read it will be unlikely. Eric himself said that he didn’t like to go to the gym, and that he doesn’t expect to be able to return to his final show weight. I believe he made the fans rather unhappy, myself included.

You don’t really need to go to the gym to lose weight. He can obviously afford to buy gym equipment, so that he can work out at home. I believe that he can just buy a good pair of running shoes and just run regularly while keeping his diet the way he learned during the show.

It’s just too bad, life’s not fair sometimes. Oh, speaking about fairness, there’s something that annoyed me about season 4. I remember the stage when they did the Triathlon challenge. I think it is not fair that the contestants that got through, started the next stage of the Triathlon at the same time.

Kae finished first for the first two stage of the Triathlon Challenge, which is Biking and Running. They should have let her keep her advantage by letting her start first during the Running and Swimming stage. Instead, they let the contestants start at the same time.

All those effort put to waste, just like that. I hope the Biggest Loser producer will get wiser as the show continues, and not let that kind of unfairness happen again. Oh well, I am starting to get sleepy. It was quite a tiring day, although I learned a lot, I was kind of glad that it has ended.

Well, see you later then!!

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