Taking it Higher

I love watching television, or at least I used to. I remember watching television well past midnight back in my younger days. I didn’t watch television as often as I used to do back then, although I still did once in a while. I am glad for cable television because it offers so many choices, although I admit I didn’t really watch all the channels.

Not all the channels are in HD though, because not all the cable connection supported the digital connection. Even the one in my house is still in analog connection with no clear info when the cable company will upgrade the existing analog connection to digital connection. Even if they do replace the current connection, I don’t really think my television supported digital input yet.

I heard that there are also plans to support broadcast of digital content through the air, although for that you also need to have the required outdoor antenna. I don’t know how many houses already have outdoor antennas, but I don’t think I’ll get one anytime soon.

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