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Right now, there are a lot of choices for internet connections in and around Jakarta. Finding the right one for your need can be quite challenging but also rewarding at the same time. So I am more than willing to help when my sister asked my opinion about internet connection solution(s) that will allow her to access the web from her notebook at home.

I remember that I still have a Nokia 6585 CDMA mobile phone that I rarely use. Back then I used the phone with StarOne as my provider to connect to the internet, and I am still subscribed to their services, even though I don’t use them anymore since I already have an unlimited internet connection at home using Firstmedia.

So being the nice brother, I decided to lend her my N6585, along with the charger and a DKU-5 data cable. I installed the driver for the data cable on her notebook, and then I installed the modem driver that will allow the phone to be used as modem in Windows.

I managed to connect to the internet using StarOne, but it was somewhat disappointing. The connection is not stable, it was disconnected shortly and I have a hard time reconnecting to their services. After trying several times with no avail, I decided to give up on using StarOne.

I considered another option, such as using Mobile-8’s Mobi internet connection, which is already at the EVDO standard. Unfortunately, it requires her to buy a new PCMCIA modem, but it is a considerable option for the future, with a fast bandwidth at quite a modest fee.

Then last week, my co-worker offered me to try Smart Telecom‘s internet connection. Considering that Smart utilizes the 1900MHz CDMA network which my N6586 is capable of I decided to give it a try. He gave me a new, unregistered Smart number (priced at Rp 5000,- or around US$ 0,50) that he bought but haven’t got the chance to try it up.

The card did work on my N6585 CDMA phone, and after my sister registered it she can use it connect to the internet. She spend more than two hours before the Rp 5000 credit is used up, satisfied with the conection’s overall performance.

The next morning we bought the Rp 50.000,- (around US$ 5) credit which allow her to use the unlimited internet connection at 153Kbps bandwidth speed. So far she is satisfied with Smart. Although the bandwidth is capped at 153Kbps using this method, there are options of upgrading the connection to EVDO standards at 3,1Mbps.

In order to reach EVDO standard connection speed, it requires her to buy a new modem priced at around 1Million Rupiah (around US$ 100). The current connection is satisfying enough for now, but I will keep the option of upgrading for the future. Happy netting dear sis!

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