Shooting It Out

I don’t really like violence, some people would say that I am a coward, and I have to admit that they could be right to some extent. But I do lose my temper once in a while. I didn’t like it when I do because I didn’t like how I feel afterward. There’s something strange about it though, because although I don’t like violence but I often played games that incorporates a lot of violence.

I guess a lot of games, to some extent, portray violence in them. Of course games such as these usually comes with a warning that they are only appropriate for people who are of certain age as indicated by the games rating. Even though I don’t like violence, I admit that I have played games that contain violence in it such as the Medal of Honor games.

Of course shooting a bunch of 3D images can’t be compared to a real war. Although I know some of my friends who like playing war-game or shooting games that involve certain physical activities such playing war-games using paintball guns or air-soft guns. Some even considered them a hobby and would actually buy an expensive air-soft gun or rifle complete with the rifle scopes and other accessories.

Oh well, as long as it stays a hobby and you don’t get too obsessed with them is okay I guess.

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