Searching Around

I am not feeling well for these past two days, I guess the workload is starting to get to me. Not to mention that I haven’t really had a decent sleep since several days ago. It has been a while since I got sick last time. I tried not to get sick because it will really make it harder to finish my work at the office.

I have to admit that besides making it harder to work and focus during the day, it would probably make me unable to help with the housework. I would also need to be careful around the kids because I don’t want to get them sick also. At times like these I really wish that the workload could subside even for only a little.

It is true that work can be tedious and boring at times, but I really love my current assignment. It is definitely more to my liking compared to my previous assignment. It is hard to find a job nowadays, so I really feel that I should be more thankful that I have a steady job. Anyway, it is getting late and this morning I have to wake really early. So I’ll be seeing you around then!

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