Riding Story

I have been riding on a motorcycle for quite a long time now. I still rush a little when the need arise, but overall I’m quite a cautious rider. You need to be really careful, especially here in Jakarta. I observed that many people drives or rides carelessly on the road they don’t even really care about their own well-being.

Technically they all know how to make a car or a motorcycle run; they also know how to make it stop. They know how to make it turn and reach their intended destination; but they really don’t know that riding a car or a motorcycle also require them to have a sense of respect for other people. They need to have discipline and above all they should make safety, for them self and other people, their first priority.

It is a usual sight to see people arguing in the middle of the street, making the traffic jam worse just because they lost their patience. I even remembered seeing a motorcycle rider running and hitting another rider in the middle of a flyover. People have no tolerance nowadays.

If only they realize that they are no diamonds that they didn’t last forever. Life is short and they need to take better care of themselves. Oh now here I go and rant again when it is past my sleeping hours already. Oh well. I guess I better go and get some sleep. It will be busy come morning.

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