Ride in Comfort

Of course although I am a motorcycle rider who rides his motorcycle to work each day, I am not actually talking about it here. What I was talking about is actually horse riding. I can’t really say that I am a fan of horses, but I remember that I like watching horse riding competition shows on television.

I admire how easy the rider make it seems, making their horse jump those obstacles. I remember that both the horse and its rider looked so stunning. I also remember wondering why they have to wear that kind of clothing while riding their horses. Well, I guess I’ll just have to search around for the answer.

Oh I remember that that kind of clothing is called equestrian clothing. I guess it serve a special purpose other than make its wearer simply looked good. I remember that there is a horse race track near where I live. Too bad that it didn’t last and simply gone just like that.

I’ve heard that there are plans to revive the track, but so far no signs of progress. I just hope that someday I can take my kids to go and watch horse race someday.

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