Removable PC

I never cared much about vacation, mainly because it means that I have to get away from my PC for a while. I am somewhat attached to it, which is mainly because I spend quite a lot of my spare time tinkering around with it. Not to mention that my work also require me to spend almost all of my working time around PCs.

At first, I was kind of reluctant to go on vacation this holiday, considering that the holiday is quite long being Eid ul-Fitr and all. I am not going very far, just around an hour or so driving will get me and my family there. I decided then that I will try and bring my PC there.

It was quite easy, but I really wish I have a good laptop to take instead of lugging my bulky PC around from place to place. Laptops nowadays are considerably cheaper than they were a few years ago, although if I want to buy a nice one, I will have to spend quite a lot.

Well, since I don’t go on vacation that often, perhaps I just have to stick with my PC for the time being.

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