Raining Heavily Outside

It has been raining heavily since half an hour ago, making it hard to get outside unless you are really determined to go or have something really important to do. I have an appointment in an hour, so I hope the rain won’t last that long. I really don’t want to go through the rain if I don’t have to.

At times like this I usually just spend the time working around in front of my PC or doing something with the kids. Although sometime playing too much games or doing things on the PC can get boring. Maybe I can think of something else to spend my time waiting for the rain to stop.

Perhaps I’ll watch a movie while waiting for the rain to stop. Oh I wish I have a good home theater system, complete with home theater seats. Oh well I could just go to a movie theater nearby if I really want to watch a movie. Anyway, I guess I better prepare my raincoat just in case the rain didn’t stop in an hour or so.

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