Public Servant

That is what I’ve been feeling lately. I feel like many people at work are using me somewhat to do things that I don’t think I should be doing at all. I admit it was partly my fault for being a little bit too helpful. I just can’t really help it somehow; it was me being me after all.

I feel like no one is really there to support me anymore. I guess all those work are really getting to me lately, which surely means that I really need to get some vacation. I don’t really like going on vacation, perhaps it could be because I am a somewhat lazy person to begin with.

Anyway, at a time like this even the idea of going on a vacation seem so alluring to me. Perhaps it was just a matter of when and where to go, although my favorite vacation would be spending the whole day doing nothing, just relaxing and having fun the whole day.

It would be nice if I can go on a vacation to faraway places, such as having Orlando vacations or vacations to other, more reachable destinations. Oh here I go rambling again. I really need to get some rest now, but somehow I feel rather restless, oh what irony. Anyway, enough of this for now. Be seeing you.

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