Testing My Android

It has been a while since the last time I posted anything about using my Nexian Journey Android phone. As of now, I have been using it for around 3 months and I usually used it for instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter and browsing. I have to admit that I am not using it as often as when I first got it, but I guess that comes naturally.

So far I am quite satisfied with it; with my only major complaint is the camera’s lack of auto focus. I realized that it has 5 megapixels, but the lack of auto focus feature hasn’t gone unnoticed. I have experienced taking blurry or unfocused photos, but so far taking photos is not the only reason I found the lack of auto focus feature annoying. Read the rest of this entry »

Lazy Weekend

I feel like it has been forever since I can just sit and fool around with my PC on weekend, this weekend proved to be one of those ‘lazy’ weekends. Tomorrow won’t be so generous, because I have to do something that requires me to go out almost the whole day. That said, I am planning of taking advantage of this weekend.

My kids are not well so I guess no Saturday Night outing with them, just doing things at home I guess. Perhaps I’ll just go and sleep the whole day over, that sounds good. I haven’t been able to spend the day just sleeping in bed with nothing much since, well, I can’t really remember.

Anyway, I found out that being away from blogging for a while is not good to my English writing skill. I find it harder to think about what to write, and even if I do, I found it harder to write them down. I guess I really need to practice regularly. Oh well, it’s just a thought. I wish you have a nice weekend too!

Christmas is Coming

Christmas is only a few days away. It has always been my favorite holiday especially because it brings families together which in turn brings many happy memories with it. I know that many people like Christmas because of the presents although in actuality it was not that important.

Nonetheless, many people will want to give or have a nice Christmas presents for or from their loved ones. Blessed are those who still have someone that is willing or even looking forward to give them Christmas presents. There are a lot more people who won’t have anything to give or receive this Christmas. Read the rest of this entry »

A Helping Hand

It was not an easy task to travel alone, especially if you travel a long distance and is driving by yourself. There are a lot of things to consider especially since you don’t have someone to switch driving when you are tired. Of course being tired is just one of the many factors that you have to consider when traveling alone.

If you are tired you can pullover at a restaurant, gas station or even a motel to rest and continue your journey afterward. Of course there are problems that can be more crucial than that, such as when you got a flat tire or even a problem with your car’s engine. If that happened during the day and on a busy street or area it was not really worrying. Read the rest of this entry »

A House is not a Home

I don’t really know why but it was one of my favorite songs. Originally sung by Dionne Warwick, I think the song is beautiful. I guess what good a house is if there’s no one to hold you tight and kiss you goodnight? It would be an empty house, empty of warmth and love. It was not a home, just like the song said.

I know that everybody have their own way and there are people who enjoyed being alone, enjoying their freedom. Although I believe that the true meaning of life can truly be enjoyed is when you have someone else to share its beauty, someone to share its flaw. Nobody is perfect though and we can’t really have everything that we wanted. Read the rest of this entry »