One Picture To Tell Them All

I know that memories are precious, and that is perhaps the most important reason why people want to take pictures of their life’s precious moments. With the invention of digital camera, it is easy to document your life, especially those moments that we hold dear and consider precious, such as a loved one’s birthday.

It was easy for me to keep pictures of my kids’ birthday, because we store them in digital format which we can easily make backups of. I still remember when you have to buy films whenever I want to take a picture. Afterward, we have to take them so we can have them processed into postcard sized photos so we can keep them in an album for easy viewing.

I didn’t think that I have any pictures which showed me celebrating my birthday, something that I wish I have so I can show them to my kids someday. The challenge nowadays lies in the volume of data that we keep. The easier it is to take pictures, the more pictures we take. Since the technology gets better and better, the size of data that we keep grows significantly.

Even though I only have a pocket-sized Canon camera, since it is relatively new, the size of picture that it produces is quite big, especially if you have thousands of them. Managing your photo collections is not an easy task nowadays. Still, it is better to have more than we need rather than not having what we need.

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