One Month And Counting

The end of October is already in sight. Sometimes I cannot help but feels how quickly time goes by. Although this is different in other people’s case. As of today, it has been a month since me and my wive started playing maid, and it does gets a little easier, although not as much as I would’ve liked.

We still share our daily chores as usual, my wife did the laundry, while I did the cleaning up, although we also incorporates a certain degree of flexibility here and there as we see fit. These whole cleaning up thing is eating up our precious time together though, so we’re glad that help is coming.

Starting next month we’re having someone else help with the laundry and stuff, so hopefully we will get more free time for ourselves which, considering the kids, is getting fewer and fewer. I have to admit though that cleaning up has its ups and downs, the one that I like the most is that I get to sweat a bit while doing it, so I can do cleaning and exercising at the same time. No need for any fast fat burner because doing my chores is sufficient enough for me to maintain my weight.

Anyway, it’s getting late and every minutes counts, so I’m going to rest now. See you around!

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