On a Crossroad

Nexian Journey Version ScreenshotI was considering upgrading my Android Phone Cyanogen Mod Build. As of right now, I am using Nightly Build 17. So far I am quite satisfied with the build considering that the build was an experimental one. It was very stable although it was not a recommended build for the non-technically savvy people.

I don’t think flashing your Android ROM is for every average guy, because it takes a great deal of patience and open mind. Because it involves certain risk, losing your data and settings to name a couple. I don’t even know if I want to risk trying the recently released Cyanogen Mod 6.1 RC2 or even the Cyanogen Mod Nightly Build 21.

I have experienced some bugs in my current Nightly Build 17 such as fast battery draining (a full charge that only lasted less than half a day) during normal use. Although your experience might vary considering we all have different normal standards. I also experienced GSM signal loss every now and then which requires you to reboot the phone before you can use it to make calls or use the data service.

I will let you know though when (yep, it is just a matter of time) before I decide to jump even deeper. For now, I’ll give you a screen shot of my Android phone current mod.

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