Not Good For Your Health

Riding a motorcycle through Jakarta’s vehicle laden street is absolutely not good for your health. Especially considering that there are many unseen dangers waiting to befall you if you are careless. I especially dislike how those drivers and riders lacked proper street manners.

One of the most annoying traits is how people in Jakarta tend to make a turn without ever using their turning light. They didn’t even think twice about making a turn not from the left most lane. When you combine those two traits, it even becomes more endangering.

The other annoying trait is the pollution. It gets worse day by day. I remembered gasping for breath and having my eyes feels burned because of the severe exhaust smoke coming from a motorcycle right in front of me at a traffic light. If it keeps on going like this, I might need an anti aging face face creams soon!

Anyway, got to go and get some rest. So, take care and see you soon!

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