Not Feeling Very Well

I am not feeling very well this past few days. Perhaps because I was always staying out late and didn’t get enough sleep, just like I wrote on my previous post. Actually, it could be that I am just having a light flu, nothing a good old herbal medication can’t heal. It was actually not the body that I was most afraid of.

I have a rather oily face skin, and I have to clean my face regularly or risk getting acne on my face. It was because when I didn’t get enough sleep, my face gets oilier. I don’t really want that to happen because whenever I got acne on my face, it won’t go away easily and usually require a lot of effort on my part.

I usually clean up my face using standard face soap, as long as I clean it regularly there shouldn’t be much problem regarding this. I don’t know though, I still think having a good acne medication solution can prove to be quite handy. Anyway, I guess I really better go and get some sleep now because I am getting too tired.

See you later then!

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