Need For a Treatment

If you read my last post about the General Election in Indonesia, then you’d know that 5 days ago we had a General Election to choose which political party (we had plenty actually, which is bad in my opinion) would represent us in the Indonesia’s House of Representatives.

There’s too many wrong choices and even the ones that we thought are good doesn’t really assure us 100%. I guess that’s the way it is with politics. Who can really say that we truly trust our politician 100%? Perhaps we just clinging to that hope, where 50% reliability is okay. They end up crushing or fulfilling our hopes.

The election actually ran up pretty smooth, which made me a little bit surprised, but it was good. I went to the election booth with my family, and it was quite crowded there. I managed to take some pictures from behind the booth with my cellphone, which I’ll try to upload later.

The last time I read in the paper, the Democratic party wins the majority of votes, which several other party trailing behind. The ones that managed to get a good enough result is mostly a big or major parties. That left me wondering what happened to the small ones.

Their candidates have obviously put a lot of effort and money into their campaigns, which means getting a very small percentages of the votes could ultimately means that they won’t get any place at all in the House of Representatives. It could be true what they said before the election that there’ll be a lot of stressed out people after the election.

Beside mentally, they also have to cope physically and financially. They will need special care, and they would even need debt consolidation for the losses. I just wish they could bear the pressure of losing, it was not easy. Anyway, I gotta go to rest now, as usual, I’ll see you later. Cya and take care!

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