Missing it Out Again

This is getting boring, if I might say. I should have done my workout routine for 3 days at last; but this week I’ve only done it once. I have gained around 3lbs since last week, and missing my routine surely won’t help me keep my weight stable. Of course the holiday is partly to blame, since I tend to eat more when I am on holiday.

Anyway, I should have done my workout routine tonight, but I decided that I won’t do any work out if it was past midnight already. I guess I took too long cleaning my PC from dust earlier tonight. I decided that my PC needed cleaning more than I need my workout. It was way too dirty from dust.

I guess I have to do extra time tonight to make up for the missed routine. Time sure goes by very quickly nowadays; hardly have any time to do anything. I guess that is one of the reasons why people are considering fat burners. They are wondering how to burn fat when they didn’t have much time to spare.

I’ll stick with my routine for the time being. I just hope I will be able to do my routine tonight…

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