Mens Sana In Corpore Sano

Mens Sana In Corpore Sano, which literally means ‘A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body’. To tell the truth, people nowadays have better health awareness than it used to be, but sadly this, in my opinion, is also because the general population health level is declining.

There are a lot more obese or overweight people nowadays, which is definitely not healthy, thanks to our unhealthy eating habit. Being overweight also have non-health related problem beside the commonly associated health problem.

All this problem makes people aware that they have to do something to stay healthy, because living age expectations are also lower. Beside eating responsibly, we also have to exercise our body and mind regularly to keep them healthy.

Too bad there are also people who want to have fast or instant results that they resorted to wrong solutions like using diet pills for example, and there are also people who eats less to lose weight. The only way to lose weight properly and healthily is to monitor your calories intake so as not to exceed your daily needs.

The average person usually needs around 2000 calories a day, so as long as you monitor your calories intake to not exceed this, you should be able to lose weight. To be more sure about this, contact your physician. They should know better how to achieve such thing.

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