Lunch Time Memories

One of the best things that I’ve ever experienced while working on my current office is the opportunity to have lunch in a nice restaurant. Usually it is me with my co-workers and my boss, and also with our customers. Depending on the customers, we could end up having lunch at a nice restaurant in a nice hotel, here in Jakarta.

I remember the second time we had lunch there I was not feeling very well, and because of that I didn’t enjoy the food as much as I wanted, which is a pity because the food choices were various and plentiful. And the quality is one of the finest I’ve ever tasted.

The food types ranged from Asian Food to European Food and they even have their own wine cellar. Although probably you couldn’t say that it was a cellar since it was only a room separated by transparent glass wall with wine racks lining the back wall.

I also remembered that at the last time we went there for lunch, we even spotted some local celebrities. I guess eating lunch like that was probably a routine for them. I have to agree with their choice though. But lately there are more and more fine restaurants which you can find here on Jakarta.

I wish I can go there again someday either with my co-worker or even with my wife just to treat myself. Sometimes the best treat that I enjoyed the most is eating out in a nice place. Well, either that or just a full day of sleeping and daydreaming. Or perhaps a full day of playing games. Oh well, there are actually too many things to mention, perhaps next time then. See you soon!

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