Losing It

What I am talking about is losing weight of course, because with reality series such as The Biggest Loser people are starting to understand that being overweight is not healthy. Some people said that big is beautiful, it could be so yes but healthy? I think we need to also look at the cause to people being overweight.

There are a lot of reasons why people are overweight, either through their own fault or through other people’s fault. When I just started to work, I gained more than 20lbs because I started eating and snacking more and working out less. It was that way for almost 4 years. I tried hard to lose that extra weight and even then it took me quite a while.

For me it was the combination of eating smaller meals more frequently and doing exercise regularly 3 times a week. Even the kind of exercise that we do can make a difference to our effort. I also cut back on my sugar intake and tried to be more active. It was not easy but it was an experience worth your time and effort.

Although I have to admit, working out is not an attractive prospect to some people. I have a hard time convincing my wife to set aside 1 hour of her time every week to work out. It was especially hard without motivation, so you just have to find a good one. For some people who doesn’t really into working out, perhaps they can also find what weight loss supplments work for them.

I still think that working out is a necessity though, because it makes us healthy inside. Just make sure you don’t push yourself too much when exercising. Over exercising is not good for your body because it also need to rest. If you are really inclined, seeking professional help can be an option also, such as joining a gym.

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