Light Traffic

If there is one thing I like most about the Fasting month is the traffic. Of course I am not just talking of everyday traffic in general, because I believe that generally the traffic every day is not actually very different than it usually is. In fact the morning traffic is usually worse than usual because there is a work schedule adjustment.

What I like most is the traffic from office to home in the afternoon. If you time it correctly you can get light traffic during your journey back home. It was especially true during the breaking fast time because it appears that the bulk of the traffic passes before then.

It was even better when it gets near ‘Lebaran’ or Idul Fitri because most people have already taken several days off in order to go back to their home, usually it is true for people who comes from far away city in order to work in Jakarta. I remember one time the street is so empty there is no other vehicle in a hundred meters radius during the morning hour.

Good thing never last, and it is also true regarding the traffic. I am going to enjoy it as long as it last though. Anyway, it is time to prepare for work, see you later!

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