Last Holiday Shopping

I’m not a fan of online shopping, although I do found them useful. There are several online stores that I usually buy things from, some from foreign country (mostly the US and UK) and some from my own country.

I have to admit that I love to browse through those online stores’ catalogs, even if only to know the current buying trends, or drool over some new gadgets that I would love to have but cannot really afford the extra expense.

That’s why I love the holiday season, although I have to admit that US and UK stores are more daring in giving discounts on their stuffs. Too bad that I can’t buy stuffs like gadgets and electronics from foreign online stores, mainly because they can’t or won’t ship to Indonesia.

Even if they do, I’m sure that the shipping & handling could cost more than the item’s price. I don’t really know if Buy.Com ships their stuffs here, but I love to browse through their catalogs, especially when they are on sale. Their price is amazing!

I saw several of their ads and I have to admit that Buy.Com have some nice commercials. Especially seeing how fast they deliver their stuffs to customer. I wish I can become one of their customers too someday.

2 Responses to “Last Holiday Shopping

  • 1
    Mbah Eman
    February 3rd, 2009 23:15

    Trying to do an online shopping these days its kinda hard on budget, especially with our country rates. Lets hope and work for better times old friend!

  • 2
    Gio Suryo
    February 16th, 2009 01:26

    The rates are affecting our budget directly. I really wish it would get better. Keep hoping and working it is!

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