Keeping It Clean

I know from first-hand experience that riding a motorcycle through the smog and dust ridden traffic in Jakarta is by no means a clean business. I make sure that I always wear chest protector, jacket, helmet and handkerchief or specialized mask to keep the pollution away. Even after those protective measures, I always feel that somehow it is not enough.

Although Jakarta is not the most polluted city in the world but I feel that as if it is on its way to the top. Perhaps it was the volume of vehicle that goes through its streets every day or the fact that the public transport, such as the buses and the micro buses haven’t been properly maintained and taken care of.

Because of that I still feel that I smell of smoke and dust whenever I ride my motorcycle to and from work; and my hand and face feel dirty too. I always try to wash my hands and face every time I arrived at the office from home and vice versa. I have an oily facial skin and I tend to get acne easily whenever I neglected to clean it properly.

When I do have acne in my face it took quite a while to cure it. So in this case the best way on how to get rid of acne for me is to take precautionary steps such as cleaning my face and hands properly after I get to the office or to my home. So far it has proved to be an effective solution.

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