Judging American Idol – The Top 24 Contestants

American Idol LogoTo say that I like American Idol is actually an understatement. I love the show so much I’m willing to stay up late just to be able to watch it. So I think, why not try and make a post based on my personal opinion of the 24 contestants. Too bad the idea only came to me this evening, so I didn’t think I can accurately express my opinion of the guys’ performance since it has been almost a day away. So I’ll just write about the girls’ performance for this week. Next week, I really hope I can write for both the guys’ and girls’ performance.

So here are my opinions of the girls’ performance. I tried to be as objective as I can in writing these opinions, but unfortunately I didn’t always manage to. But these are just my personal opinion so please don’t take it too personally.

Kristy Lee Cook

The start is good, but she’s a little out of pitch at the end of the sentences. The song lose much of its starting ‘feel’ at the middle, though I think that she manage to regain it near the end. It’s okay for me, but I was kind of hoping more from her.

Joanne Borgella

I don’t think she started it good enough, seems like she’s a little unsure of the song. And it sounded that the key is too low for her, she didn’t quite hit the low notes. And not to mention it is somewhat out of pitch at places. For me she didn’t seem comfortable enough singing the song. That was, in my opinion, a somewhat okay performance.

Alaina Whitaker

I didn’t quite get the start of the song; the melody is kind of weird for me. But I like it better when she reached the bridge of the song and started picking up tempo. The ending is my favorite part. I think she ended it nicely.

Amanda Overmyer

I admit, I’m not much of a rock & roll fan, but the key is a bit low for her in my opinion. So I didn’t really get the song, and she’s a little pitchy at the end of phrases. But then again, I’m not one to talk about rock songs.

Amy Davis

I think she’s kind of ‘dragged’ the song. And she didn’t get quite a hold of the note throughout the song. It makes me wonder actually, because I expect her to do well.

Brooke White

I was expecting to see her perform, but just before she started, my son is awake and I have to help my wife watch him because he’s rather ill. But she sings it quite well in my opinion based on the short review near the end of the show tonight. I also thought she did well by the fact that she managed to get Simon smiling widely. I can hardly wait until next week to see her sing again.

Alexandréa Lushington

I love the entrance! I think she got it nicely. But she kind of lost it through the middle, especially when she started doing the high notes. That is too bad because I enjoyed the first part of the song.

Kady Malloy

I think she have a beautiful voice. She hit higher notes better than the lower or middle notes. I especially love hearing her singing those high notes, it is very pleasing.

Asia’h Epperson

She got it right in my opinion. She does a very good singing indeed. I love the energy she brought with her performance. She is one of my favorite singers this week.

Ramiele Malubay

The little girl with the big voice. She proves that she can really sing. I really enjoyed watching her performance too. There’s a little pitch problem, but not as apparent as some of the other girls.

Syesha Mercado

She has a very powerful voice. I actually enjoyed myself. She sings nicely. I love the way she hold the final note of the song. It was very good indeed.

Carly Smithson

I was kind of saturated by all of the performance at this point, but I like her voice, although I didn’t quite like her choice of song. I’m looking forward to seeing her sing again next week.

So based on the top 24 performances, my favorite guys are David Archuleta and Michael Johns, and my favorite girls are Ramiele Malubay and Syesha Mercado. If I have to pick the bottom two guys and the bottom two girls, they are Luke Menard, Chikezie, Amy Davis and Joanne Borgella.

Since the show is a day late here in Indonesia, then I have to wait until tonight (it’s already 1 A.M here) to know the result. I can hardly wait! Oh well, until tonight then!

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