Judging American Idol – The Top 20 Contestants

American Idol LogoThe fewer they got, the harder it is to say, who won’t make it through. This week I think the boys put on a much better performance than the girls. Perhaps because of a several singer who did an outstanding job last Tuesday. For me David Archuleta, David Hernandez and Chikezie are the top three performers.

About David, I think he is an extremely gifted singer. He’s only seventeen but he out sings everyone. I don’t really know how he did it, but I really really can’t wait until next week to see the boys, and especially him, perform. I wish I can do person by person evaluation, but I don’t think it fit much this week. The girls really need to improve their performance though. Luckily, the top 12 spots are shared evenly among the guys and girls, so I think it won’t matter much. I think Carly, Brooke and Syesha are the top three performers for the girls.

Regarding the contestants, I really love how the show give the audience more about their personal life, likes and dislikes, stuffs like that. I think it will influence how people vote. And also how the contestants responded to criticism is bound to have an effect. Some of them even have the guts to talk back to Simon! In my country, it is considered impolite or even rude to talk back to a person much older than you, so I admit it biased my opinion of the contestants a bit.

So, after seeing all the performances, I think the ones who won’t make it through to next week are Jason Castro, Luke Menard, Amanda Overmyer and Kady Malloy. It is getting hard to tell, because there is not as much difference as last week. Nonetheless, it is still sad to know that another four won’t make it into the next stage. Can’t wait to see the result show! Anyway, you might want to check my take on last week performance. See you later!

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