It’s On the Rise

I never really care much about insurance, although I have to admit that I do have one. I guess people need insurance more than ever now, which kind of explain the abundance of insurance company nowadays. Some of my friends who live abroad even said that insurance is no longer an option but is mandatory.

Insurance business is on the rise, which also explains the rise in people who work as an insurance agent, whether as a main or secondary source of income. I know more than 5 people in the company I work for, who is also an insurance agent, representing some of the well known insurance company.

Back then it was not easy to convince people to have an insurance policy, but I guess it was a lot easier now as awareness is rising. You have a lot of option to buy insurance, and there are even companies who sold insurance online. It could be seen as an alternative way to found out more about insurance even if you are not planning to have one in the near future.

As long as the need for insurance is still rising, I am sure I will still get approached by friends, acquaintances and even family members to buy insurance from the companies that they represented, even though I already have one. Oh well, can’t really blame them for trying. Anyway, enough for now, got to go and get some rest. See you around!

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