Is It Really Healthy?

I got tired easily as of late. I don’t really think that it was because I didn’t get enough rest, because I believe I did get enough rest. 6 – 7 hours of rest each day should be enough for me, it usually is. Or maybe it’s because I didn’t get enough workout? I don’t really think that it is the case also.

I usually jog two to three times a week for 15 minutes each, usually during the morning. And lately I even took the stairs to get to the office (at 16th floor). During the night I usually do some weight training. So I do feel a little puzzled at the lack of stamina lately.

It could be that I am getting older, but I’m only in my early thirties. My current weight at around 148 lbs is quite normal in my opinion. I eat regularly and rarely skipped a meal. It could be that I am actually a bit overworked since I am doing too many activities, but I digress.

Anyway, currently I am watching the Biggest Loser season 4, my favorite show at the moment since American Idol is not as entertaining as it was. It could be that David Archuleta spoiled the show for me, but I don’t really get entertained by the contestants anymore.

Watching the Biggest Loser is actually more fun and inspiring. It inspires me to see those contestants trying their best to live healthily. Although some would argue that they merely done it for the money, I don’t think all the contestants are really trying to win it although some if not most of them do.

But seeing them transformed from being overweight to ideal weight, from people with weight related health problems and risks to people who are generally healthy is fun and touching. I hope more people could watch the show and learn from it. Health problem such as diabetes or even cancer is real, although I don’t really see a connection with cancer and overweight people.

Still, there are so many kinds of cancer nowadays it is hard to keep track of them. From common cancer like the lung cancer or breast cancer, to mesothelioma. The risk of getting one is getting higher and higher because people are not living a healthy lifestyle.

I really wish shows like the Biggest Loser could inspire more people to live healthier lifestyle because in the end I really believe it would make a difference, I really do.

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