Is good food appeal to you?

To me, yes…

There’s not many things that I can do to spoil myself. But one of them is food. Good food to be exact. Besides being a fried rice addict. Now I have another addiction… Thanks to my buddy nu3l (again!)

Japanese food!! Oh, how I love Japanese food!! Working in a building next to each other which located at 3 in 1 roadway… Nu3l and I often go and have lunch together… One of our favorite spot to eat is Taichan restaurant in MidPlaza just across the street… And my favorite dish is curry rice and set menu… Have you ever tried wasabi? It’s a kind of Japanese chili paste/sambal… It took me months to really appreciate its taste… Sure it’s kinda strange… But somehow, I like it nevertheless..

This Saturday, me and Nu3l went to MKG and tried one of the Japanese restaurants there, The name is Robata Komachi… And to make long things short, I love it! Well at least I love what I ordered… Though nu3l didn’t really like his… Well what can I say, he have a hard taste buds to please…. Well, truthfully, I think he IS hard to please in general! (j/k mate!)

Anyway, looking forward to another round of Japanese food (HHB doesn’t count!)

See you later, o blog reader!!

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