Indonesian Computer Festival

Festival Komputer Indonesia or The Indonesian Computer Festival is being held from June 11th to June 15th 2008. This was the biggest event yet, being held simultaneously at 6 major cities in Indonesia. You can see the schedule on the Indonesian Computer Festival’s website.

Being a computer major, I used to consider visiting this kind of show as mandatory. Especially because you can learn a lot and besides that you can also found many good deals and bargains there. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit the show this time since my schedule is very tight this week.

I am rather disappointed by this because it has been a while since an event this big was held. I found events such as this to be informational and even educational. There are also economic factor to be considered because I usually can found a pretty good deal on computer peripherals.

On events such as this I usually searched for a small peripheral and was looking forward to come and find a good bargain. I was looking to buy memory for my PC, but I also open for other opportunities. Well, perhaps I will be able to come next time. For now I better go get some sleep. See you later!

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